It's always something around the holidays. Today we woke up to the fact that Bob wouldn't walk on his front right paw. As a matter of fact he wouldn't put any weight on it, and when he went out to go to the bathroom, he just lay on the snow. My wife carried him inside and I sat down with him on a dog bed in the living room and talked to him and rubbed him as he was in obvious discomfort.

Once we determined that our normal vet's office was closed because it's Christmas Eve Day, we went to the Emergency Vet in Brewer who couldn't be any nicer. They brought out a doggie stretcher, and wheeled him in because he couldn't walk. My wife Bonnie went in with Bob, because there are three things I can't do, deal with eye injuries, teeth and dogs hurting. I have been in the operating room with Craig during his surgeries, I was with my wife during the birth of our children, I have even had people die on me while driving the ambulance on the Block Island Rescue Squad but I'm a wimp when it comes to eyes, teeth and the dogs.

They tested Bob for Lyme disease but he came back negative. They just think he has a bad case of arthritis. They drugged him up, and I asked for some for me because by this time I needed some! None for me, but lots for Bob over the next 4-5 days.

Bob has spent the day lying down, but has been out to go out to the bathroom this afternoon.

Here's hoping for a quick recovery! Don't tell him but Santa brought him some mini-stairs so he can climb up onto the bed and futon!