Betty White is one of the most beloved stars of our time. So it's no surprise that people wanted to make her 93rd birthday memorable. And they did it with a pretty cool flash mob. Her reaction is just what you'd expect - pure delight!

I remember watching Betty White with her late husband, Allan Ludden, on the TV game show 'Password' when I'd go home for lunch in elementary school. At that point, I only knew her as the host's wife. I had no idea what a talented actress she is!

On top of her talent, she seems like a very nice, genuine person. She's been a lifelong advocate for animals. And you never see Betty White do a bad interview, where she's cranky or difficult. She's always smiling and eternally gracious. A true class act.

So the cast and crew of her hit TV series, 'Hot in Cleveland' decided they needed to do something special for her 93rd birthday. At the beginning of the video, you can hear her telling the golf cart driver that it's actually the day before her birthday and he warns her that there's a little celebration going on for her birthday. Probably a good thing, as Betty confirms with her reaction to the flash mob. Don't surprise an old lady!