Local residents have spent time recently on the banks of the Penobscot River, watching the Coast Guard Ice Breakers do their job. I've been one of them, trying to get some good video of the trio at work. But my efforts pale in comparison to this beautiful video from our friend, Monty Rand.

Many of the pictures of announcers you see on this site were done by Monty Rand Photography. And his recent work using a quadcopter camera is breathtaking, both of scenery and of waterfront concerts. I stop by his Facebook page often to see what he's been up to.

Ironically, I didn't find this video on his site. (it may be there, but I haven't visited it today) Instead, I found it on the Bangor PD's site, where Sergeant Tim Cotton echoed my thoughts that our own point-and-shoot photos can't compare. Monty added in some stirring background music to the majestic sight of the ships at work, to make a wonderful recording of a sure sign of the end of winter. Check it out!