Collin is in the Shenadoah National Park in Virginia. In checking the guidebook, I think that's around mile 965.8, not too far from the Virginia - West Virginia Border at mile 1006 and he's 128.8 miles from the midpoint of the Appalachian Train trip at 1094.6 miles.

He posted this video this morning! It's his 5th sighting of bears on the Appalachian Trail! I know he's a fast runner, but as his dad, this is a bit too close for me, especially when the bear turns and looks at him!

Fifth bear in two days.

Posted by Collin Popper on Friday, May 29, 2015

Ok... Be Careful! I can just imagine how worried his mother is going to be when she sees this! Collin, press the spot so we know where you are, and better yet call so we know you're not bear food! For God's sake don't whistle to get the bear's attention again!!

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