I have lived in Bangor since 1985. The way that people pronounce Bangor, you would think it's hard name to pronouce like Wytopitlock or Calais! It's always amusing to hear TV or Radio commercials with announcers from "away" that pronounce it Bang-er. You have to wonder if the owner of the business even listened to or watched the commercial!

Last night was the Greater Bangor Chamber of Commerce's Annual Dinner, and the fine folks at Sutherland Weston produced a video, how to properly pronounce Bangor! In my opinion, if you're looking for a video, there's no better company than Sutherland Weston to produce the video. Adam Osborne, Ric Tyler and the rest of the video crew at Sutherland Weston are just top notch! Watch the video, see for yourself, and remember it's Bangor, not Bang-er!