A Concord Trailways bus passenger in Bangor is facing charges after allegedly breaking into the back of the closed bus station. Police say the crime happened on Christmas Day, when passengers were dropped off at the station for a layover, with the expectation of being able to wait inside the building.

Bangor Police Lieutenant Paul Edwards said in a press release today that police were called to the Union Street station to the report of several passengers that were left stranded. Officer Dan Sanborn responded at about 11am to find several people in and outside the bus station. Witnesses told the officer that the bus driver dropped everyone off and left. When the passengers tried to get in, they found the door locked and no one inside. This left all of them standing outside in frigid temperatures.

Officer Sanborn said when he walked into the bus terminal he felt a cold draft from the back of the building and found that the back door was broken from the outside. He watched surveillance video with the manager, who was called to the building, and observed a man break in through the back door, rummage through cabinets and remove a hammer, long before anyone else was let into the building.

As a result, Dale Quereux, 42, of Plainville, Connecticut is charged with Class C Felony Burglary and Misdemeanor Criminal Mischief and Theft. At last report, he remains at Penobscot County Jail.