Ever since my son Collin returned from the Appalachian Trail he's been kicking himself. He's been home about 3 weeks, and every night he's been thinking that he should still be on the Trail. As a matter of fact, he had taken to sleeping outside in the tent, although we were finally able to convince him to move it from the front yard to the back yard!

He has been in daily contact with Chris and Myles who he was hiking with, and so the Three Amigos will be reuniting tomorrow, May 15th in Virginia. Collin after much hemming and hawing, living up to his trail name of Indy, finally came to the conclusion that he belonged on the trail, and after very little preparation, he's on a bus heading back down south to Virginia where he will meet Chris and Myles.

Of course Craig, our other son returned home last night from his first year at law school, so we had everyone under one roof for one night! One very short night!

So travel safely Collin. And as I told you before, walk until you can't walk anymore. If you get as far as New Hampshire and Vermont, we plan on producing our own version of trail magic for you and your friends! Love you!

Stay tuned to this website as we'll chronicle his adventure!