Dr. Marc Gousse, the AOS 91 Superintendent of Schools announced on Wednesday, January 13th that the AOS 91 schools are set to resume in-person learning and extra-curricular activities on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Monday, January 18th is a Federal and State Holiday, so there would be no school anyway as it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Here is Dr. Gousse's letter

Since our district wide shift to remote learning in early January, I wish to report the following:

  • Although our communities/region experienced a significant increase in positive cases of COVID-19 following the holiday break, as of today, MDI Hospital reports a leveling of positive cases of COVID-19 locally at this time
  • Results of MDIRSS AOS # 91 asymptomatic sentinel testing of staff indicate no positive results of COVID-19 for the past two weeks (updated 13 January 2021)

Given this information and based upon consultation and recommendations from MDI hospital officials, MDI school administration and nurses, MDIRSS local board chairs and as aligned within our COVID-19 SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for schools, MDIRSS will resume in - person teaching and learning for students at all AOS # 91 schools effective Tuesday, January 19th 2021*. 

Additionally, MDIRSS AOS # 91 schools are approved to resume* extracurricular activities for students on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 consistent with our framework and as aligned with MDOE, CDC and MPA guidelines.

*Please note this information is reviewed daily and is subject to change based upon updated guidelines, local/regional data and consistent with Maine CDC and MDOE color operating framework for public schools.

Thank you for your herculean efforts and unwavering support of our students, colleagues and schools. Should you have any questions please contact your building principal; please take care and stay safe.


Marc Edward Gousse, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

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