I did it! Our sister station, I-95 did it! Kid and Sabrina from the Z Morning Show did it too! Cindy Campbell from Q106.5 did it. We are just waiting for Dale and Clem from 92.9 The Ticket to do it too! " It" is the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, and if you're on social media, your feed has been jammed with people taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Now, there are naysayers that are pooh-poohing the trend, and saying it's just a feel good story, and nothing good is coming out of it. I wholeheartedly disagree! Besides raising a ton of awareness, it's raising a lot of money for ALS! How much money? Well compare this...Fundraising efforts have raised $1.35 million nationally from July 29-August 11 for the organization. In comparison, the association raised just $22,000 during that time span in 2013. And consider this quote“The ALS Association just couldn’t be happier with the visibility that this is bringing to our disease, ALS, and the ALS movement,” the ALS Association’s national president, Barbara Newhouse, told CBS Boston.

So keep dumping that ice, and donating! Not only are you making great videos, you're doing a lot of good for the ALS Association!


Source - NESN