Wow! Since we posted this story a week ago, about Mrs. Wagstaff's 2nd Grade Class in Hancock Maine trying to collect 50 postcards from 50 states in 50 days, the postal carrier has been working overtime! At that time, they had received postcards from 33 states, and now one week later, they are only missing postcards from 7 states -
Indiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.

Because of the volume of cards they have received, they are now challenging themselves to receive 500 postcards. The reward? A pizza party. As of Friday the 26th, they had received 188 postcards.

Here's where they have received postcards from!

Alaska-1; Alabama-2; Arizona-7; Arkansas-4; California-8; Colorado-9; Connecticut-2;
Delaware-2; Florida-13; Georgia-3; Hawaii- 0; Idaho-1; Illinois-1; Indiana-0;
Iowa-3; Kansas-5; Kentucky-4; Louisiana-1; Maine-3; Maryland-1; Massachusetts-3;
Michigan- 3; Minnesota-2; Mississippi-0; Missouri-3; Montana-7; Nebraska-2; Nevada-3;
New Hampshire-13; New Jersey-0; New Mexico-2; New York-7; North Carolina-4; North Dakota-0; Ohio-0; Oklahoma-7; Oregon-8; Pennsylvania-1; Rhode Island- 0; South Carolina-6; South Dakota-2; Tennessee-1; Texas-11; Utah-1; Vermont-1; Virginia-1; Washington-4; West Virginina-0; Wisconsin-2; Wyoming-14.

Please send your postcard to 2nd Graders  - Hancock Grammar School, 33 Cemetery Road ,Hancock, ME 04640