The 1st Annual Dig Pink Night was held on Wednesday, October 24th featuring the Ellsworth High School Seniors on the 2018 Volleyball Team vs. Coaches and Alumni. There were lots of laughs and money collected will be donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

The 6 Seniors, Abby Moon, Kristen Omlor, Olivia Robidoux, Sophia Petros, Olivia Dyer and Larissa Richards will play a team comprised of Jamie Calandro, Joie Torsiello, John Dyer, Shelby Cote, Rachel Bunker, Delaney Sargent .Alexa Grant and Avery Jester. Underclassmen were game officials and manned the concession table.

The team comprised of Alumni and Coaches won, but the real winners were everyone who took part and the fans in attendance along with the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

Check out photos from the night.