Noah Keely and his parents, Sarah and Shawn of Bar Harbor got the thrill of a lifetime this past Thursday night at a Pearl Jam concert in Quebec City, when Eddie Vedder invited young Noah onstage to play with the band!

According to a story in the Portland Press Herald, The Keelys had sent an email to Vedder of Noah and his father playing Sad, their favorite song by Pearl Jam.  Vedder spotted Noah in the crowd and invited him onstage to play with the band!  A dream come true!

Noah was a little apprehensive at first, telling Eddie Vedder that "He might die", but the boy pulled up a stool, and strapped on a guitar.

Before the song started Vedder looked over at the boy and said, "So Noah, you can just sit and hang out here, just watch. You're welcome to play too.  You look good."

Noah Keely proceeded to kick some serious butt.

Sarah Keely told the Portland Press Herald, “The next day we couldn’t even walk through Quebec City because people came up to him to say how great he did and asked him for his autograph. It took us two hours to go a block. He had a pocket full of picks from the band and gave them out to the fans on the street.”

Way to make us proud, Noah!