To me, Anna Kendrick isn't like a normal famous person, she's a cool famous person. One that I feel like I know. I can totally picture us kicking it at her place on Saturday night sharing a few giggles and a bottle of wine as "Mean Girls" plays in the backround. Here are ten examples of why this Portland native is indeed my spirit animal.

1) She feels the same way I do about Beyonce.

2) She performed this epic musical love story and stole my heart on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

(Credit: The Late Late Show with James Corden via YouTube)

3) She confessed her "Dirty Taco Bell" secret on Conan.

(Credit:Team Coco Via YouTube)

4) She wrote a book called "Scrappy Little Nobody":

5) She discovers pop tart wrappers under her bed.

And just leaves them there.

6) She knows how to spit game to the opposite sex.

7) She's hilariously self deprecating.

8) She talks REAL TALK about dieting.

9) Her brutal honesty.

10) And finally, just the fact that she said this.

Love her, mean it. On the off chance you are reading this, Anna, I live in your hometown of Portland so if you ever want to come back for a visit we could get matching tatoos or something. Just saying.