When it is this cold it's hard to think of anything that could be worse, so let us remind you of some things that are worse than a Maine winter.

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Last week Thrillist named Maine the 5th most miserable place in winter. But in the in order to keep you from burying yourself alive in snow we came up with a list of things worse than winter in Maine:


  • 1


    It may be cold but at least we don't have to evacuate our homes because hot rock and molten lava are raining down from an erupting volcano!

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  • 2

    Mosquitoes/ Black Flies

    A Maine winter means a break in bug season. Winter in Maine could be worse if the mosquitoes moved inside with us for the winter and were biting year round.

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  • 3


    Paying bills, no matter what time of year it is, is the worst.

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  • 4


    You may get a wood stove burn, or wind burn in a Maine winter but there is pretty much no chance of getting a sunburn, and those are the worst!

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  • 5

    Zombie Apocalypse

    Cold seems like a petty thing to worry about when you compare it to a zombie apocalypse! I mean, we could be running for our lives from the mindless un-dead.

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  • 6


    Would you rather have roads covered in snow or Massachusett drivers? We will take the snowy roads over questions like "have you ever seen a moose?".

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  • 7

    Winter in Antartica

    You can always tell yourself "it could be colder than this", that is unless you are in Antarctica where the coldest temperatures ever recorded on earth are.

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  • 8


    In the world of smart phones and texting you think we would be used to the annoyance of every time your phone changes he'll to hell and give to HIV... but we are not, it is the worst, and can lead to some very embarrassing situations.

  • 9

    Being Stranded on an Island with someone you Hate

    After a few hours of having to survive with each other you'll be begging for a Maine winter.

  • 10


    We had to end our list with only 9 things because when it is this dang cold we can't think of much that is worse!

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