Unity College is under attack by zombies and they're quickly overtaking the non-infected students, all in the name of science!

They're calling the experiment/game 'Humans vs Zombies,' and it's being used as a fun way to conduct a scientific demonstration. Students have their guard up, as zombie-infected classmates try to infect them and turn them into the undead, as well. One student told TV-5 that he was tagged when his Nerf gun misfired.

A Facebook page has even been set up to keep the campus updated on how the apocalypse is progressing, including the name of the first-fallen, Chris Ouellette. I was browsing the page and found a post that said smokers could take off their armbands (I assume that means they're temporarily ineligible to be infected) when they smoke. If that were true in real life, I'd become a chain smoker!

But this is not just a fun Halloween game. Senior Devin Hoffer told TV-5 that it's actually a scientific demonstration of just how quickly a virus or disease could spread in a small community like the college campus. The apocalypse started with one zombie and planners expect that, by the end of the week, the entire campus will be populated with the walking dead. Somebody call Rick and Daryl!