How many youngsters would give up a big-league baseball after catching it in the stands? Especially to the kid they competed against for the prize? That's exactly what 12-year-old Ian McMillan did. The video will touch your heart.

It's an age-old situation. Two young boys vying for the same ball a professional player tosses up into the stands. They falls into the dugout....and another players hands it to one of the two. One is thrilled. The other.....tearful.

Most 12-year-old boys might feel a pang of sympathy for the loser. But not many would give up their treasured prize to make that kid feel better. But apparently, Ian is not your typical youngster. The result? He gets featured on TV....and gets a very special surprise from the announcers who are amazed at his generosity!

One final note to Ian's Mom and Dad.....Nice job! You've raised an extraordinary young man!