A barrage of fireworks from a couple of different locations lit up the night in Ellsworth this past Sunday, and many of the cities residents wondered if the new law had indeed taken effect.

Apparently it had, and a few revelers hadn't taken notice.

Yesterday, the Chief of the Ellsworth Police Department posted this to Facebook:  A reminder that City Ordinance 59 - Consumer Fireworks has been amended and is in effect. The ordinance prohibits the use of consumer fireworks within the urban core as defined by the City. A list of streets where the use of fireworks is prohibited is contained within the Ordinance. The Ordinance can be found on the City website. Please take a minute and read through it before you decide to shoot them off to make sure you are in compliance. I appreciate it! Chief Coleman.

Fireworks at all times of the year are prohibited within the "urban compact area."  A first offense could result in a fine of $250 to $500.

Streets in Ellsworth where the use of fireworks are banned.