My adopted home town of Orrington has been celebrating Old Home Week with public suppers and a Civil War Encampment earlier this week. But one of the most popular aspects of the festivities is still to come this weekend with the Endless Yard Sale. Don't miss it!

I say 'adopted hometown' because I grew up in Brewer. But Jim and I have lived in Orrington for four years now and I worked there for over 6 years behind the counter at Snow's. Jim worked there too, for about a year. We love the town and the people and hope to be there for years to come. It's quiet country living, for sure.

But this weekend, the town will be less serene, and the traffic will be heavier, as folks around the community hold yard sales. At last count, I think there are as many as 70 planned between Friday and Sunday! Stop by the local stores to pick up yard sale maps, so you can plan your route.

As a resident, I have a couple of requests. For the motorists, slow down and pay attention as you drive around town. Route 15 is a very busy road, and it's going to be home to many of the sales. Without a doubt, you know there will be more than one shopper who will spot something they just can't live without. Watch for brake lights, and doors opening as folks rush to grab that treasure without looking both ways first.

And to the yard salers, please be courteous of people's property. Don't park on lawns, but pull over enough so folks can get by. Look both ways before you cross the street or open your vehicle's door. Remember to use your turn signals when you're going to pull off the road, and don't slam on the brakes so someone ends up sitting in your trunk. Smile, have fun, and chat with the sale's hosts, because the people of Orrington are some of the nicest you'll ever meet!