The Bangor Fire Department is celebrating Fire Prevention week by hosting its annual open house this Saturday at the Central Fire Station on Main Street. It's a fun and informational event that helps make kids more comfortable around the uniform and learn about fire safety.

Families are invited to stop by for plenty of safety information and tours of the fire trucks and ambulances. The kids can play games and there will be door prizes, including a ride to school on a fire engine.

Bangor Fire's Jake Johnson says he had the idea for the ride to school a few years ago when they were running short on prizes, but he never expected it to catch on the way it has.

"At the time we were giving away a Nintendo Wii, which is really popular, and I thought, man, this is the thing the kids are going to want," Jake said."But no, they were all excited about the fire truck ride. I think we, in the fire service, we're always around it and in it, but as a kid, that's kinda cool!"

An expert will be on-hand to check to make sure your child’s car seat is properly installed. Johnson says that's something they get asked about every year, so this Saturday is the chance to get it done.

The Open House will be held Saturday from 10am to 1pm at the Central Fire Station on Main Street as part of Fire Prevention week.

Johnson says anyone who hasn't taken a few safety precautions around the house really should do it as we head into heating season. This is, traditionally, the time of year when the number of fires increases.

"It's everything from electrical to heating equipment, smoking, and cooking is always a big one. If you haven't cleaned your chimney and you use wood, it's a good time to do it," Jake told us. "If you haven't cleaned your boiler or your furnace, it's a good time to do it. And smoke detectors. That's the one message that we keep harping on year after year. Smoke detectors really do save lives but you have to make sure they work and they have a good charged-up battery in them."

For more information on fire safety, log onto the Bangor Fire Department's website.