Apparently, our friends at WABI-TV 5 were part of a contest to determine which of their three meteorologists would get a pie in the face. Would it be Todd Simcox? Chris Ewing? Or Jessica Conley? Watch the video and find out!

The Challenger Learning Center of Bangor held the contest, as part of its 'Pi Day' family celebration. Saturday, March 14th is International Pi Day. See, when you put the date together with 9:26:53 a.m. you get the first ten digits of pi - 3.141592653...Cool!

So the science center in Bangor is celebrating with Pi activities for all ages, including some Pi-shaped donuts, and pie flinging fun with the Giant catapult challenge! Read more about it on the Challenger Learning Center's Facebook page.

Apparently, they got in the mood by asking the public which WABI-TV 5 meteorologist should get a pie in the face. And there was one CLEAR winner, with a big majority of the votes. Who was it? Watch the video and find out!