You may have noticed this circle of stones on Route 15 in Orrington, but do you know what it is? Or rather, what it used to be? We can tell you!

It's called the Orrington Pound, and is made entirely of stone, with a rusty but solid iron gate. When the town was first incorporated in 1788, it was all developed as farmland, and those crops were invaluable. The last thing a farmer wanted was for a wayward cow or horse to be tromping through the vegetables!

So in 1807, the town constructed a livestock circle, also known as the "Orrington Pound."

Within this stone circle, farmers would gather to buy and sell livestock. But it was also used much as the dog pound, or animal shelter, is today. If a farmer came across one of those wayward horses or cows and didn't know who it belonged to, they would shut it inside the Orrington Pound. And, if a farmer had lost an animal, it's the first place they'd look.

Today, it's just a cool landmark in a town that was originally supposed to be named "Orangetown," after a city in Maryland. But a misspelling in the act of incorporation meant that it would forever be known as Orrington. My hometown for the past five years.

In addition to the Pound, there are also two stone memorials on the same piece of land. Check out the pictures to read their inscriptions.