Estately has compiled a map and list of what each state has more of per capita than any other. Some are good, some are bad, but all are unique to that specific state.

Via Estately

Even though Maine has a lot of trees we have a lot of water too. Unfortunately it seems we don't have enough people who know how to drive boats in our bodies of water. Maine has the highest number of boating accidents with one for every 24,589 people. When you take into account how few months of boating Mainers get, this is a shocking statistic!

I would assume a state like Florida where there is water around year round would have higher boat crash rates but it seems Florida has the most shark attacks instead. If you are looking for your lost chicken look in Iowa where they have the highest lost chicken rate. Waiters looking to made better tips should work in Illinois.If you make enough in tips in Illinois you might end up in Maryland where they have the most millionaires.

The cutest state must be Georgia with the highest number of Panda bears, the least cute state is a tie between Minnesota with the most Turkeys and Florida with Shark attacks, there's nothing cute about that!

Nevada has the most facebook users however California has the most people who have self proclaimed they brag on social media. Kansas residents spend their online time much differently with the most pornography page views.

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