The hunt for Malaysia Flight 370 continues today with two ships dragging expensive underwater gear joining the search and listening closely for "pings" from the planes black boxes, wherever they may be.

Time is running out though.  The batteries that power the black boxes have a life of about 30 days and the plane went missing March 8th.

There is no shortage of presumptuous theories as to what happened to the plane and it's 239 passengers.  A recent survey  came up with these results as to what Americans are thinking.

  1. 35% think a mechanical problem caused the plane to crash.
  2. 22% think that the pilots crashed the plane on purpose.
  3. 12% think that terrorists had something to do with it.
  4. 9% think that the plane and it's passengers landed somewhere and are being held.
  5. 5% believe it disappeared because of supernatural of alien activity.
  6. 3% think that a foreign government or rogue group shot the plane down.

We're curious as to what our I-95 listeners think!