Anyone who was concerned what the Bangor Waterfront was going to look like after the Phish concert can rest easy! It looked great at 6 AM this morning!

The Darling's Waterfront Pavilion was spotless this morning! You would never know that there were 16,000 Phish heads inside the facility and 5-10,000 outside listening to the band!

Congratulations to the Waterfront Concert Staff and the City of Bangor and all those involved for making sure that the facility is ready for everyone to enjoy the 4th!

Also congratulations to the Bangor Police Department and all the other agencies involved in managing the 20-25,000 that were in downtown Bangor last night. Other than the usual drunks and punks, there were no major incidents reported.

And the haze over Bangor this morning, no it wasn't from all the Phish heads :). It was just normal fog!