The 2013 Waterfront Concert Series is underway, with two great shows this week. Sting will be onstage tonight at the Darling's Waterfront Pavilion, and Friday night it's Darius Rucker, Rodney Atkins, and Jana Kramer! The new facility location is beautiful and the weather's awesome. So as the new season starts out, I wanted to remind you of a few rules to keep in mind as you head to the shows.

Leave the lawn chair at home! If you bought a ticket for the standing room section, you'll be standing. You can take in a blanket to sit on, but no chairs will be admitted.

Don't pack a cooler unless you intend to have a soda on the way to the venue. No coolers will be allowed in. But that's okay....there are plenty of food and beverage vendors inside!

In that same spirit, no outside food or beverages will be admitted.

It may look like rain on the night of the show, but you can't take an umbrella. Not only would you be blocking the view of the people behind you, but it's also dangerous. Your mother must have told you at least once that you could put an eye out with one of the umbrella's points!

No detachable lens cameras. A point-and-shoot camera is fine! If you show up at the gate with a detachable lens camera, they will make you take it back to your car before entering.

Same goes for any sort of weapon, like that Buck knife you always wear on your belt. You'll be required to take it back to the car before entering the facility.

Video Camcorders are not allowed into Darling's Waterfront Pavilion.

And no backpacks or over-sized purses. The general rule is that the purse or camera case can't be bigger than a standard piece of paper (8" X 10"). If you do take a purse or camera case in, you will likely be required to open it so security can look inside.

Darling's Waterfront Pavilion has a strict "No Re-entry" policy. Once you're inside, you're not allowed to leave and then come back. So tie your jacket or hoodie around your waist or throw it over your shoulder. You won't be allowed to run to the car to get it.

If you plan to purchase alcoholic beverages, take a legal form of State Identification....a valid license...or a state-issued ID. It doesn't matter if you're 60 years old with grey hair, you're still going to be required to show identification. No ID? No beer or wine!

On a personal note, I'd ask that you be respectful of the people around you. Putting your girlfriend on your shoulders may seem like a good idea, but that means everyone behind you now can only see her back. And, although she may be very pretty, I don't think that's who those people paid to see!

And be respectful of the facility employees. They work very hard and deal with a lot of hassles. Show them the respect they deserve!

Have an awesome summer and enjoy the 2013 Bangor Waterfront Concert Series at the all-new Darling's Waterfront Pavilion. An amazing line-up of talent is on its way!