The City of Ellsworth looked much different in the early 1930s!

Watch as the seasons change from winter to summer in this video taken by Walter J. Clark.

At first you'll see the aftermath of a traffic accident between a a bus from Bangor and a car at the corner of a snowy State Street hill and Main Street.  Watch as the camera pans the landscape, there's City Hall, and you can also see the old chapel that once stood at the end of Chapel Street on Bridge Hill.

Next you'll a train carrying the performers and animals of the Robbins Brothers 3 Ring Circus arriving at the station on Upper Main Street.  Close by were the fairgrounds that once were located at the end of Fairgrounds Road.  You'll see what looks like the majority of the City's population show up to watch the elephants, horses, zebras and camels, as they're unloaded from the freight cars of the train.

It was a big day in Ellsworth!