Pam Brassbridge of Frankfort, Maine played a lottery ticket and won a trip to Las Vegas to play for a chance at $1 million on the Monopoly Millionaires' Club game show. Did she win? 

Pam, along with a section of the audience all from Maine, won their way to Las Vegas by playing a Monopoly Millionaires' Club scratch ticket.

The audience is split into three sections labeled with a Monopoly token. One person from each section is selected to play a game to win up to $100,000 to split with their section. The player gets half and the other half is divided among the people in the audience section.

Pam was chosen to play 'The Electric Company' for the dog section. To win $100,000, she had to throw switches that would turn on light bulbs. Each switch turns on a different number of bulbs from 1 to 10. If she can light all the bulbs except the final one, she would win $100,000. She can also stop at any time and split what she has won so far with her section.

Pam did well enough to make it to the final round, 'Go For a Million.' She stands on a giant Monopoly Board and has five rolls of the dice to make her way past Go. If she can do it without landing on Go to Jail, she splits $200,000 with her audience section. But if she lands exactly on Go, she wins $1 million and keep it all for herself.

Watch the video to see how she did. It's a really fun game of risk a reward. How far would you risk it to win the cash?

You can watch The Monopoly Millionaires' Club game show Sunday's at 6 on Fox 23 in Portland and Fox 22 in Bangor. You can also catch previous episodes on the Monopoly Millionaire's Club YouTube channel.