Effective a little later tonight, DISH television viewers will be able to see CBS and CW programming, now that WABI and DISH Network have reached an agreement.

In a press release issued by Mike Young, the Vice President and General Manager of Community Broadcasting Service he stated:

“We are pleased announce that WABI-TV5 and The CW are returning to the DISH line-up.Each station will continue to be available to all communities served under the prior agreement, and those who receive The CW will soon enjoy the added enhancement of high definition delivery of the station’s programming.”
WABI-DT2 has broadcast in high definition since June 2012. The majority of local cable subscribers currently receive the station in HD. DISH plans to upgrade The CW to high definition within the next three months. WABI-TV (CBS) will return to channel 5 within the Bangor DMA. DISH subscribers in Franklin, Kennebec, Knox, and Oxford counties will find the station on channel 6265. WABI-DT2 (CW) will return to channel 19 within the Bangor DMA only.

The two sides had been at loggerheads since the 2nd week of July, and WABI and WABI-DT2(CW) were pulled from DISH's lineup