Living on an island is great. I lived on Bermuda, Key Biscayne (Florida) and Block Island, Rhode Island. There's a certain mentality that Islanders develop. But, living on an island comes with responsibility! Residents need to get involved, because there are so few of them!  The Mount Desert Island's fire departments need your help!

The Southwest Harbor Fire Department posted this video. If you are interested in volunteering, please call your local fire department! Training is provided. Fire departments and training have become much more professional since I was a member of the Block Island volunteer fire department back in 1984.

Even if you can't be a full member, fire departments have auxiliaries that you can help with, pancake breakfasts for fundraisers etc. If you want to contribute, they will find a way for you to help!

Firefighting on MDIWant to be a Firefighter on MDI ? This is what it's about! This is what we do! This is what YOU can do! Come talk with us...

Posted by Southwest Harbor Fire Department on Wednesday, December 2, 2015