State Police have charged two women in connection with a stabbing earlier this month. The victim was stabbed while sitting in her vehicle, waiting for her attackers to meet her.

Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says Carrissa Butkewicz, 23, and Tiffany Glidden, 20, are charged with Aggravated Attempted Murder. They're accused of stabbing Katherine Hopkins, 24, on November 4th.

Police say Hopkins was stabbed in the stomach with a kitchen knife while sitting in her car on Fire Road 17, off the Neck Road. Butkewicz and Glidden had texted the victim earlier in the evening and asked her to meet them there. After the stabbing, police say Hopkins drove a short distance and received medical attention from a nearby resident while an ambulance was called. Her condition is said to have improved.

Butkewicz and Glidden were sought by police for questioning after the stabbing and both turned themselves in. They were held on unrelated charges until Thursday when they were charged for the stabbing.