Two teenagers are facing charges for allegedly stealing thousands in medical marijuana. The pair allegedly stole the pot from a local resident and then took it to school.

According to the Ellsworth American, police were first called to Ellsworth high school on November 6th to oversee the search of a vehicle believed to contain drugs. Detective Dotty Small went to the school and observed the search that turned up eleven quart-size jars full of marijuana. The car was impounded and the car's owner, 18-year-old Austin Hamilton of Ellsworth, was charged with possession of marijuana.

The next morning, police received a call from a resident of Winkumpaugh Road, who said his house had been burglarized. He told police that his medical marijuana was stolen from his home. His pot was stored in glass jars and labeled the same way as the impounded marijuana from the day before.

Both Hamilton and a 17-year-old boy are charged with Class B burglary and Class C theft. The name of the 17-year-old has not been released because he's a minor.