It's like every nightmare I've ever had. Millions of bees swarming a highway after the tractor trailer that was carrying them overturned. Yikes!

A tractor trailer that was headed to Maine with a load of 16 million bees caused a ruckus on the highway in Delaware yesterday when it overturned, spilling its contents. Police say the truck tipped over on its side as the driver tried to take a curve onto Interstate 95.

Troopers asked motorists to stay away from the area until professional bee keepers could be summoned to the scene. The bee keepers worked with rescue personnel to round up as many of the stinging insects as they could.

The trucks' driver and a passenger were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. It's not clear whether they were stung, hurt in the accident, or both. Some people in the area reported being stung after the wreck.

As someone who's always been afraid of bees, let me just say, I'm so glad that happened in Delaware!