It's hard to imagine what depression feels like if you've never experienced it. And it's easy to assume it's something people can just 'get over.' So I was really impressed with this video of a young man telling exactly what it's like in an eloquent and powerful way.

What makes this man's story unique, I think, is when he admits that he didn't understand depression when a close friend was suffering from it. He missed the signs and lost that friend. He then indicates that he, too, has suffered. (one can assume, I suppose, that he dealt with it after the friend's death)

So, after the death of Robin Williams, he takes to YouTube to explain his experiences. And what he wished he'd said to that friend to help him through. How he wishes he'd just sat with them, talked to them, and let them know they were never alone.

This Sunday morning on our public service program Maine Concerns, we'll be talking with a doctor about depression and suicide, and he says the key point is communication. If you're suffering, talk to someone. If you know someone who seems to be suffering, reach out to them. What should you say? Watch the video and Sky Williams will give you an idea.