Congratulations to the MDI High School Class of 2013!

Having had the privilege of broadcasting MDI Girl's and Boy's Basektball, MDI Football, MDI Girl's Soccer and Boy's Soccer, MDI Boy's Baseball and MDI Football Games over the last 7 years, I have had the opportunity to see many of you excel athletically. I also have seen you on bus trips and around the school, and it's been a great honor watching you grow up.

You have represented your school, and the community and done so in a very honorable manner. I know that many of you are anxious to spread your wings and fly, but let me offer you a bit of advice, having graduated from a small high school, and living on islands for parts of my life.

Appreciate the water! Many of you take it for granted, but the ocean  is an amazing sight. I lived in Bermuda for 6 years, and had a chance to get back to island living for two years on Block Island. You're surrounded by beauty all the time...Take a moment to enjoy it.

Living in a small community may seem like everyone knows your business, even when you don't want them to, but someday you'll appreciate the fact that everyone was concerned about you, and was rooting for you! You're lucky, that the community supports the school, is generous and that teachers care about you and want you to succeed. Be sure to return the favor as you grow up. Mentor a grade school student. Give back to the community, support the school system that your children will eventually attend.

Congratulations again, and I hope that our paths cross often in the future.