Here’s a little guidance on some of the Mother's Day gifts to avoid or a least think long and hard about before you buy.

  • Snuggies/Loungewear - Maybe your mom watches CSI reruns on the couch for six hours a day and is sorta the target market for Snuggies. But she probably doesn't want to be called out for that behavior on Mother's Day. However, a new that's another whole story.
  • Bath Stuff - If you have the kind of mom who can barely find time to shower, you know it. Don't give that super-busy lady bath stuff with the intention that she'll pamper herself. **Unless she already has a regular habit of home spa time for herself.
  • Mom Jewelry - This only works if she's said, out loud, that she really likes Mom jewelry. Otherwise, your gambling that she wants it—and if she doesn't, she'll feel totally guilt-tripped to wear those initials/names/birthdates around her neck all the time.
  • E-cards - If you sent her a 3D, paper card, then go ahead and add a funny e-card on top of it. But don't make an e-card your only Mother's Day card.
  • Empty Photo Frames - The frame can be completely gorgeous, but if there's no picture inside it looks like you got really lazy. You have 1000 pictures on your smartphone at least one must be frame worthy.

Now for the good news.  A new survey of what Moms really want for Mother's Day showed it isn't hard or expensive to make her day.

courtesy of pintrest

The No. 1 present moms want for Mother’s Day 2013 is something handmade from their child. But the second most-wanted? Skip the store-bought greeting cards and flowers: What makes mom happiest is a day off entirely for herself.

According to a survey of 2,123 U.S. mothers with children under the age of 18 we conducted this April with NPD Group.

  • 14.6% of moms prefer handmade gifts,
  • 13.6% would like by a day off
  • 12.9 % would love a spa day
  • and only1.3 % were looking for breakfast in bed