There was a whole lot of serving and not a lot of protecting on Monday, August 1st as over 20 members of the Ellsworth Police Department, Bar Harbor Police Department, Hancock County Sheriff's Department and the Maine Marine Patrol joined together to serve a full house at Pat's Pizza in Ellsworth. All tips collected were donated to the Maine Special Olympics!

Mrs Maine was there as well to help and even brought my table a beverage as Officer Gil Jameson tagged along! There was tremendous enthusiasm by all involved, as they seated guests, took orders, bussed tables, and served food. I laughed as one of the police servers asked Sheriff Kane to direct someone to the restroom. Chief Bickmore was a force bussing tables!

Pat’s Pizza in Ellsworth generously donated $1.00 for every small pizza purchased and $2.00 for every large pizza purchased between 4 PM to 8 PM.

Thanks to all the members of the law enforcement agencies, the Pat's Pizza staff and all the customers who ate and donated and made the night such a success!