I'm starting a new tradition this week, Throwback Thursday! Each Thursday, I'll share one of my favorite video moments from days gone by. Sometimes it will be really old, and other times it could be something from a few years ago. I thought we'd get started with one of my favorite cartoon moments, when the Archies released 'Sugar Sugar.' I loved the cartoon and still find myself humming the tune from time to time!

I was on Pinterest recently and came across a bunch of pictures referring to the age of my childhood. Old toys, old commercials, and especially old TV shows. It was fun going through them!

So, this morning, I got thinking about some of the "throwback" videos I could share, and this one came to mind immediately. When I was a kid, I was always buying Archie comic books. You could get three or four in a package for very little money, and that's where most of my money went!

I hope you like this kickoff choice. And I hope you keep coming back each week for Throwback Thursday!