It's Throwback Thursday! Since it also happens to be Halloween, the choice for this week's video was obvious. I grew up with the Peanuts gang. My brother and I even had Peanuts cartoon books. If you remember, they weren't like your average comic book, but were the size of a small novel. To help get you in the mood for collecting or handing out candy, here's the moment when Linus sees what he thinks is the Great Pumpkin. Happy Halloween!

My favorite part of this clip isn't Linus seeing Snoopy and thinking it's the Great Pumpkin. It's Sally's rant, after Linus wakes up. Classic! It was usually Lucy who had the meltdown moments. But Sally does Lucy proud by being every bit as furious. I love it!

Each week, I'll share a video clip that you probably haven't seen in a while. It could be an OLD clip, or it could be one from just a few years ago. I hope you come back next week for Throwback Thursday! Same bat time. Same bat channel!