Three people are lucky to be alive and Game Wardens say it was fortunate all three were wearing life jackets.

Corporal John MacDonald says the three people were out on Schoodic Lake late yesterday afternoon when thunderstorms swept through the area.

75 year old George Tucker of Medford, his wife, 69 year old Beverly Tucker, and their friend, 77 year old Charles Jenkins  were in a 12-foot aluminum boat with a 2.5 horsepower outboard motor.

They were at least one mile from any shoreline and approximately two miles north of the Lakeview Boat Landing when they capsized. All three people were able to stay with the boat and they drifted nearly two and one half hours.

In a press release Corporal MacDonald said around 7:25 two bear hunters pulled over on the Schoodic Lake railroad bed that runs near the shoreline of Schoodic Lake.

The bear hunters were Rick Seavey of Sanford, Maine and Mark Aventzen of Pennsylvania. They were changing a flat tire on their truck when they heard the calls for help. The men called 911 and MILO Fire, EMS, police, and Warden Dan Carroll responded.

As the boat drifted closer to shore, George and Beverly Tucker chose to swim for shore while Jenkins remained with the boat. Eventually the Tuckers made it to shore. Jenkins was rescued by the Milo Fire Boat while he remained with the overturned watercraft.

George and Beverly Tucker were both taken to Mayo Regional Hospital in Dover and treated for hypothermia. Jenkins was treated and released at the scene. All are doing well at this time.

The Maine Warden Service reminds all boaters to wear life jackets. Had these three people chosen not to wear life jackets, it is likely this incident would have had a tragic ending.