Because of all the early winter storms, the THAW fund at the Washington Hancock Community Agency has run dry. Your dollars this week will replenish the fund and then help a family stay warm!!

The Washington Hancock Community Agency usually has a pool of money available to help people stay warm.  It's otherwise  known as The Heating and Warmth Fund, or THAW.

Meanwhile, the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce has come up with a fun way to collect money for THAW.  It's asking folks that work at all area businesses, city departments, schools, and nonprofits to wear their Christmas sweaters to work, tacky and otherwise, THIS FRIDAY, the 19th!  Those businesses and employees are then asked to donate what they can to the fund.

The Chamber has also issued a "challenge."  The business that donates the most money to the fund by this Thursday, December 18th, will get to choose the outfit that Susan Farley, the Executive Director of the Chamber, has to wear the entire day, this Friday.

THAW helps people with low incomes who are having difficulty paying home energy bills. Those people recently out of work, due to plant closures and layoffs, who do not qualify for other home energy assistance program, may be eligible for THAW, if funds are available at the time they apply.

For more information contact the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce at 667-5584 or