With the holiday season in full swing some are off to their significant other's parent's house for the enviable awkward meeting of the parents. A Reddit.com user is headed to northern Maine to do just this, and he is looking for some advice. 

A Reddit user posted to the website Tuesday asking:

Gonna meet the gf's parents this christmas (they're from Maine!) Is there anything I should know before meeting them?For example, is there any subject matter I should brush up on or anything I should avoid talking about with Mainers? Also, they are from Northern Maine if that helps. Thanks!

Here are our tips for this person and all others meeting the Maine parents for the first time this holiday season. Did we miss anything?

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    Don't Dis the Potatoes

    Don't even think about bringing mashed IDAHO potatoes to dinner! They will know the difference! This is especially true in the northern part of the state where many lifelong residents remember having time off from school for the annual potato harvest.

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    Be Polite

    Of course this is true no matter what state you are in, but Mainers tend to be extra polite with old fashioned values. Offering to help feed the wood stove, shoveling if it snows, or assisting with the cooking are all ways to show you are not only polite, but also a hard worker, something most Mainers value.

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    Don't Say the Name 'LePage'

    No matter the parents political stance it is best to avoid mentioning our sometimes controversial Governor. As a general rule, avoid politics in general.

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    Eat Anything They Offer You

    Maine favorites like Poutine and chowder don't always look the most appetizing, but trust us it is! Mainers are on to something, I mean our most notorious food choice is often called a "sea bug". In other words, looks can be deceiving.

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    Don't Compare Maine to Canada

    I understand we are close and have some similarities, but Maine is it's own state. Maybe it's because those from away often think Maine IS part of Canada that we are so sensitive to the idea.

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    Try to Understand What they Say

    Try to catch the gist of what they are saying through all the hard 'R's and Ayuhs. Know 'Wicked' doesn't mean evil here, it mean awesome, and something 'Cunnin' is cute.