Peter Logue graduated from Mount Desert Island High School in 2010. This May, he will be graduating from the University of Connecticut. While Peter has been at UConn, he completed a documentary about the White Rose, a student-led resistance movement that occurred in Nazi Germany. The film features interviews with students and scholars across the world as he retells this often-overlooked story while exploring their legacy amongst German students today.

Peter has embarked on a university screening tour down  in Connecticut, and this summer he is going to have multiple screenings of The Search for the While Rose on the Island and the area. In addition, he has invitations for a lecture circuit in both London and Munich. To make all of these screenings possible, Peter has launched a Kickstarter page.  

He has 27 days, as of April 27th, to raise $4000 to make his dream a reality. The breakdown of the $4000 goal is as follows:

$2,000: Film Festival submission fees and screening expenses. I have my eyes on festivals across the world, but the submission fees add up quickly. In addition, this component of the raised funds will help cover travel expenses to screenings and festivals across the world.

$1,500: Mixing and recording of our original score. The payment for a four hour recording session at Bove Audio with Audio Engineer Andrew Bove, as well as compensation for the six professional musicians who performed on the soundtrack.

$500: Professional color grading. I pride myself on being an "all-in-one" filmmaker, and I have edited this project entirely on my own. However, I lack the experience in the color grading that will give the film a truly professional look, and this will allow me to hire a professional color grader to assist me with this process.

Note: This goal is a minimum number, and any additional money that I am able to raise will be used towards continuing to spread the message of the White Rose across the world. I greatly appreciate the support and am looking forward to sharing the finished product with you all.


This sounds like a great project. If you know Peter, or are interested in the project, I hope you will consider donating to the kickstarter page.