Heart-felt, patriotic, and nothing short of amazing. A tribute to the men and women of the United States military, and their families, like none other.

The Perpetual Christmas Tree was ceremonially removed Sunday from the town of Bar Harbor and relocated, under escort by Maine members of the Patriot Riders of America, to the town of Columbia Falls, Maine.  From the moment I saw the huge American flag billowing in the sun atop the blueberry barrens, I knew this would be a tribute to remember.

The fact that the Balsam Valley Ampitheatre didn't exist a month ago also speaks to the tenacity and dedication of Karen and Morrill Worcester of Wreaths Across America.

As I reported earlier this week one town's loss is another town's gain and the town of Columbia Falls, and people from the surrounding Maine communities, swelled with pride and patriotism as the lights on the Perpetual Christmas Tree for Veterans were lit once again for all to see and cheer.

Enjoy these highlights from the concert!

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