Utility crews from New Brunswick are already here, helping Maine crews restore power to tens of thousands of residents. Now, Nova Scotia workers have joined in the massive effort. I know he was from Saskatchewan, but the first thing that came to mind when I heard about the Canadian help was Dudley Do-Right!

The big difference between Do-Right and the utility crews is that they'll be riding white trucks rather than white horses. Still, they're riding into Maine to help save us all from the cold and dark, much like Dudley did over and over for the beautiful Nell. So, I guess that makes Mother Nature the nefarious Snidely Whiplash!

Thank you to the amazing men and women of Maine who are cutting trees, climbing polls, and risking their lives to restore our power. And to the Canadians, we applaud you with great gratitude as you exclaim, 'Here I come to save the day!' (okay, I KNOW that's Mighty Mouse, but it fit, didn't it?!)