Here we go again, another big storm on the horizon and the possibility of losing power. Thanksgiving commutes could be difficult, if not downright impossible. So I wanted to say thanks to the people who will be working on the holiday to make our celebrations more successful. You're awesome!

Let's start with the city and state workers, who will spend this afternoon, tonight, and into tomorrow plowing and sanding roads. You folks are awesome! While most of us are avoiding going out in the snow and sleet, you're in those trucks, making sure we're able to get to where we're going. And you do a great job!

Then there are the first responders who come to our rescue when life takes a wrong turn. The law enforcement officers and tow truck drivers that pull us out of the ditch or out of someone's bumper. The ambulance EMT's and paramedics who travel through the worst weather to respond to accidents, heart attacks, births, or whatever happens. And, of course, the firefighters who slip and slide on the ice and wade through snow to battle blazes. You put your lives on the line every day to help us and thank you doesn't quite seem a strong enough sentiment.

Utility workers have become heroes in their own right in recent years. While they may have electricity at their homes and turkey dinners waiting for them, they walk away from all of it to stand in a bucket truck through wind, snow, and sleet, to get our electricity working again. You folks bring us heat, lights, and comfort. We are thankful for what you do!

And, finally, to everyone else who has to work on Thanksgiving, thank you for being there. Whether it's the convenience store clerks who are working so you can pick up that one item you forgot for your dinner, the gas station attendants who help you make your journey, or the restaurant workers who provide meals to those who decide to eat out or who don't have electricity to cook their own birds, we appreciate you.

Thank you, one and all, for the sacrifices you make on the holiday and everyday. Especially for those first responders, utility workers, and plow drivers who risk their lives to help us out. And another thank you to their families who must worry about their loved ones in the storm. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours....whenever you get to celebrate it. And thank you again! You're awesome!