Whether you call it 'Blue Ribbon Day' or 'Thin Blue Line Day,' September 30th is a day when folks are encouraged to thank members of law enforcement for all they do!

Personally, I can't imagine working in law enforcement. An exciting day for me at work is when we have live performers in the studio, not having people shoot at me or endanger my life in a high-speed chase. How do you get up every morning and go to work not knowing whether or not your life will be in jeopardy that day? Members of the Police and Sheriff's Departments amaze and impress me.

So find a way to recognize the day. You could post a thin blue line on your Facebook page. Or tie a blue ribbon around your mailbox or tree. Put a blue bulb in your outdoor light for tonight. Better yet, just thank the next member of law enforcement that you see for their contribution to our communities!

This is our way of saying THANK YOU to all members of the law enforcement community. We appreciate your sacrifices and the willingness to risk life and limb in order to keep us safe. We appreciate you today and always!