A 19-year-old man is dead following a single vehicle crash late Saturday night. Police say he was seen earlier driving at a high rate of speed with a headlight and taillight out.

According to the BDN, Lincoln police believe the accident happened around 9:30 Saturday night. Almost two hours earlier, he had been spotted by Officer John Walsh speeding without the taillight and headlight near Bagley Mountain Road. Walsh gave chase, but soon lost him.

At 10:45, the mother of Nicholas Haynes, 19 of Lincoln, called police to say that her son was missing. Walsh remembered the speeding car and officers headed up Bagley Mountain Road. There, they discovered the burning wreckage.

Police say it appears that Haynes was either thrown from the vehicle or pulled himself from it after the accident. His car had crashed into one of several large pieces of granite that mark the dead-end street.