It's been awhile since we have had a Team Maggie update. Maggie Rudnicki has been home for two weeks tomorrow (October 29), but still needs to go down to Boston every Monday for post-transplant checkups.

Things have been going great, everyone is adjusting to being back together as a family. But today, Maggie went down to Boston, and well, here are Mom, Lauren's words

Finally home from a long day in Boston! Maggie did great as usual. Unfortunately after a month of great counts her white cells dropped quite low and she had to get the hormone booster shot today. Need everyone to do the white cell dance tonight so those cells do their thing! No more shots! Back to boston on Monday..all this traveling back and forth is exhausting! Worth it to be home though. Thanks to my mama for keeping me company today.


We all know the power of prayer. We know that if Team Maggie puts their heart and soul behind something, God answers, so please keep Maggie in your prayers that those white blood cells get energized!