I apologize for the lack of Team Maggie updates, and I promise to do better. The lack of updates are a reflection of good things, as Maggie is doing relatively well! Maggie and mom Lauren are heading to the clinic today, and will be there most of the day, so I'll bring you the news later tonight.

The girls in Boston (Maggie and Lauren) were joined by the boys this weekend (Andy, Ethan and Lucas) and they had a great time. You can see they went on the swan boats and played a little soccer in the Boston Commons.

Of course when the boys had to come home to Maine, it was painful for everyone. It's so hard when the family is split up like this. Lucas said to his mom " 'I wish I were sick like Maggie so I could stay here with you". Hopefully it won't be long and everyone will be reunited for good!

Don't forget there is the comedy show this Saturday at Jeff's Catering in Brewer with all proceeds going to the Maggie Rudnicki Fund. To see the interview with the organizers and ABC 7/Fox 22 click HERE