It was clinic day for Maggie, after being discharged yesterday, Sunday, September 16th, from the transplant unit back to the Neally House.

Here's the report from Mom, Lauren, as relayed by her grandmother:

Maggie's clinic visit went well today. Her counts have all started to go back up. Her cyclosporine level was very high again so we will again skip this dose and lower the med again and see where we are at Thursday. We are having the hardest time getting her level where it needs to be! Hopefully soon we can get it stable.

She has had a good day but is still tired and a little sluggish. Her doctor said she most likely had a mild infection and that suppressed her marrow and gave her the fever. Thankful it wasn't worse!

We go back to clinic on Thursday to check her labs and get her pentamidine infusion.

Thank you for your love and prayers! Our love to everyone.